Balanced Scorecard Automation

Automating the Balanced Scorecard assists you in turning the ambiguous, imprecise area of visions and strategies into clear and precise performance measures. You are investing in a scorecard software tool to act as an enabler – an enabler of strategic communication across your enterprise, an enabler of swifter decisions, and most importantly an enabler of better performance, resulting from the availability of timely and accurate information on the success of your strategy.

While many software implementations excel from a technical standpoint they ultimately fail where they matter most: allowing leaders to navigate their chosen strategic path, providing insights to make better business decisions, and energizing the overall strategy execution imperative.

A good Balanced Scorecard software helps you with predesigned templates for scorecards, objectives, KPIs, and initiatives thereby accelerating your implementation process. It will also let the business user possess the ability to easily model changes to key scorecard elements such as objectives, measures, and targets. Balanced Scorecard automation will also let you combine the Balanced Scorecard framework with frameworks like risk, compliance, project portfolios, quality, and others.

A Balanced Scorecard software should efficiently manage the Balanced Scorecard, by allowing multiple users, enabling you to create the reports you want. The downside with many software applications is that they have trouble in integration, are not customizable, and are expensive.


Software vendors such as Corporater provides all the core elements related to the Balanced Scorecard, including strategy maps, perspectives, objectives, KPIs and actions, out of the box. Corporater Balanced Scorecard offers all of this on a single platform so you can manage at all levels of your organization, including strategic, tactical and operational. Over time you will gather insights that reveal whether your chosen strategy is leading to improved business performance and financial success. As this information accumulates, users will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to manipulate the information residing in the Scorecard software in a meaningful way to extract its maximum value.

Corporater Balanced Scorecard Software

Balanced Scorecard Software

Corporater worked with the Balanced Scorecard framework founders to build a complete BSC solution. All the core elements related to the BSC including strategy maps, perspectives, objectives, KPIs and actions are provided out of the box in a single platform.

Storytelling with strategy maps
Storytelling with strategy maps

The map designer helps you to show your strategic destination using strategy maps. You can fully control the design and layout, including your branding. In addition to communicating strategy, the strategy maps also communicate the status and progress of your journey.

A holistic view on strategic objectives
A holistic view on strategic objectives

Adding tasks and initiatives to your scorecards is just a child’s play using this software. This helps you to act on your insights by tracking and monitoring the progress of your tasks and initiatives.

KPIs with detailed analysis

Corporater provides insights at your fingertips with detailed data behind each KPI or dashboard. You can not only display the trend, status, history and assessments of your KPIs, but also drill into the source data to view transactions or invoices.

Effective business review meetings

Business review meetings can be efficiently managed by highlighting important agenda items, invite participants to the meeting, running the meeting in the software and documenting decisions and plan corrective actions.

Integrating risk management
Integrating risk management

Assess and treat risk factors that can impact performance. All the aspects of your company’s performance are addressed through the world’s first business management platform – The Corporater Business Management Platform.

Cascade strategy and create alignment

Your organizational strategy can be easily cascaded to all business units. By combining strategic, tactical and operational information on one platform, users have the right information to make the best decisions, set decisions into actions and evaluate performance.

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