Performance Management Software Solution: 5-Min Walk Through

Take a short and insightful journey to see how the Corporater Business Management Platform delivers on Performance Management.

Using Software for Strategy Execution

Why organizations should look beyond technological capabilities when selecting software? Get to know the three simple but powerful questions software buyers should ask vendors.

Balanced Scorecard Software Demo

Watch the balanced scorecard software demo to know how you can evaluate your performance using perspectives, strategic objectives, and KPIs straight out of the box.

Tips for Evaluating Software for Strategy Execution

Understand the tips and pitfalls to avoid while evaluating software for performance management and strategy execution.

Linking Strategy & Risk

Insightful video reveals the natural connection between strategy and risk and how to achieve the best results in your strategic journey.

Implementing Strategy and Risk Framework

Divulging into the components you need to look for when selecting a software for implementing a strategy and risk framework for your organization.

What is the Role of Technology in Strategy Execution?

Corporater's CEO Tor Inge Vasshus takes you through one of the founding principles of Corporater which is bringing 'Business in control' and the true role of technology in business strategy execution.

Key Challenges in Performance Management Software Selection

Paul Niven and Tor Inge Vasshus discuss aspects of the software journey including how to determine when an organization is ready for implementation.

The Interplay of Psychology and Technology in Strategy Execution

Learn the best practices as well as some interesting facts from modern research, and how this knowledge is being used, in a practical sense, to improve strategy execution.

How to Create OKRs to Accelerate Strategy Execution

Paul Niven, Founder of Senelosa Group, provides great insights on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and how it can accelerate strategy execution.

Webinar: How to Build a KPI System?

A well-designed KPI system provides the right agility to fit your business, and it keeps business in control. Learn how you should plan for and design an effect KPI system.

Webinar: How to Tell a Story with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?

For most IT and Business Intelligence people, a KPI is simply a number representing performance for a specific process, domain, or subject. But a KPI is more than a number. It should tell a performance story.

How to Set Up Corporate Performance Management Model with Corporater Business Management Platform

Discover how businesses orchestrate, plan, and manage enterprise performance using Corporater Business Management Platform.

How to Set Strategy into Action for Customers?

Make the best decisions, set decisions into actions, and evaluate performance using a single platform. See how to analyze performance, make plans and execute strategy with Corporater Business Management Platform.

Quick Guide on Strategy Management at the Corporate Level

This guided video demonstrates how to define strategy at the corporate level, and gives you an overview of the Corporater Business Management Platform in the context of strategy and performance management.

Strategic Innovation Whitepaper

Blending Innovation and Strategy for Better Business Outcomes.

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